Platu 25 World Championship 2018
18th - 25th of August

Riga, Latvia




Finished World Sailing Measurement Seminar | 5/7/2018

In the end of April Measurment Clinic was held in Lithuania. It was great opportunity for Measurers to get some new information, professional experience and, what is most important - get knowledge about PLATU 25 measuring. And we are happy to announce, that now we have 4 professional Measurers in Latvia, educated for PLATU 25. Three of them will be also official Measurer assistants during Platu 25 World Championship in Riga.

Measurment Clinic was organised by World Sailing and led by World Sailing Race Official Dimitris Dimou from Greece. Four Countries took part in this training and this was great experience for every participant.

Thank`s to event Host Gero vėjo klubas (member of LTU national authority) and additional thank`s to event main organiser and co-ordinator Mantas Klimantavičius!